Built on Hobart’s waterfront for Charles Gaylor and licenced in 1846 it derived its name from the fact that the then Custom House (now Parliament House) is opposite. Mr. Gaylor was one of Hobart’s early settlers and his name is cut deep in the front coping stone of the building.

In Gaylor’s day it was called the ” Chop House” which meant that a good square meal could be obtained inside. In the later years it has been converted into a residential hotel encompassing the shop next door and the Marine Hotel.

In 2003 the Customs has added the old ship chandlers building on Morrison St to make a brand new restaurant, this has also added twelve new accommodation rooms six with waterviews. For many years this establishment has been a popular port of call and there was a time when it was a fashionable resort. Those who entered its portals with gloomy thoughts, their peace of mind shattered and a prey to natural despondencey admitted they had been restored to their normal good spirits after they had enjoyed high life within its walls.

Customs House Waterfront Hotel in 2009 offers ACCOMMODATION - An award winning RESTAURANT, LIVE Entertainment Wed – Sat to add to the fun & experience which is the Customs House Waterfront Hotel.!!!!!!!

VUE IS OUR NEW BAR AND FUNCTION ROOM - contact us to enquire about bookings.